Let us lift the following people up to God in prayer:

Everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Baby Gabriel & Mom Michele, Emily, Tara, Vinny, Walter Baldwin, Debbie Bennett, Grace & Sally Bergener, Amanda Besso, Tammy Cady, Corkie Corkran, Ann Morgan Cronin, Craig DeJong,  Larry & Lee Ann Haas, Shirley Hall, Barry Isenburg, Daniel & Gail Lemaire, Roger McCord, Bill Merkle, Jeffrey Miller, Police Officers, Dr. William Quirk, Tyler Reese, Bob Swanson, Curtis & Nainie Weaver, and John Williams.


To add someone to the prayer list, complete one of the prayer request cards located in the pew racks, and place it in the collection plate during the Offertory; or call the church office: 561-732-3435.