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Welcome to First United Methodist Boynton Beach! We want to invite you to join us in our Sunday morning worship service or Sunday School. We hope to see you soon.

Our Sunday morning service includes a full choir, pipe-organ, and the elements of a traditional worship experience. We also offer Sunday School classes for all age groups, and we have a weekly Bible Study class on Wednesday evenings.  

A primary ministry focus at First United Boynton Beach is serving others. Outside of our worship experiences and small groups, our only “program” is serving the needy in our community. Each week individuals have an opportunity to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in the city. We have discovered that one’s greatest need is serving someone else who is in need—modeling Christ for them. Don’t miss out on serving the community.

We would love for you to get connected to First United Methodist Church either through one of our worship services or through serving those in need. For more information regarding First United Methodist, feel free to email me at  and I’ll be in touch.

Pastor Clark


THE  FLOWERS  ON  THE  ALTAR  are dedicated to the glory of God and are presented by Wayne and Maria Frocke.

PRAYER  REQUESTS:  Prayer is important to our church and we encourage you to write your prayer concerns on a Prayer Request card, available in the pew racks.  The ushers will collect the cards during the Offertory and they will be read out during the Prayers of the People. 

PRAYER  LIST:  Chris Andrews, Jan Boone, Gail Brown, Joyce Chalk, Betty Contant, Michelle Cooprider, Sandy Davis, June Davison, Dave Deyoe, John Fetty, James Hinston, Arlie Howard, Nancy Jungemann, Betty Jane Lee, Nicole Manta, Margaret Marble, Ashley McGuire, Herb Metcalf, Marie Shepard, Robin Smith, Donna Vickrey, Curt Weaver, Beryl Wendt, and Millie Zug.