Sunday Worship Service 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

 We welcome you to come celebrate with us.

If you enjoy a traditional service of prayer, responses, choir anthems, organ music and a friendly congregation of believers, give us a try this year.


Sunday's Worship Service altar flowers are presented by

Curtis & Nainie Weaver, in in memory of

Nainie's parents, Dr. Nat Weems, Tealy Weems and Margaret Weems



Let us lift the following people up to God in prayer:

Joanne Ambrosino, Ann & Don Coker, Pauline Colston, Charlie Coppa, Corkie Corkran, Ann Morgan Cronin, Frank Denton, Bob & Shirley Hall, Tara Herdegen, Ken Herndon, Nancy Jungemann, Debbie Lactkman, Connie Lehman, Bob Nickerson, Police Officers/ First Responders, Naomi Oliver, Debbie  Peterson, Elaine Piter, Sandi Prentice, Patrick White, John Wichert, and the family & friends of Suzie Baldwin, Bill Merkle and Violet Karroum.






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