Sunday Worship Service 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

 We welcome you to come celebrate with us.

If you enjoy a traditional service of prayer, responses, choir anthems, organ music and a friendly congregation of believers, give us a try this year.


Sunday's Worship Service altar flowers are presented by

the Snow and Malone families, in memory of Ken, Alice Jane and John.



Let us lift the following people up to God in prayer:

James, Joanne Ambrosino, Ann & Don Coker, Pauline Colston, Corkie Corkran, Ann Morgan Cronin, Frank Denton, Bob & Shirley Hall, Dean Hedges, Betty & Roger Herdegen Sr., Tara Herdegen, Ken Herndon, Bertha Jolicoeur, Violet Karroum, Tom Kierney, Don Lucas, Bill & Evelyn Merkle, Chris Metcalf, Police Officers/ First Responders, Debbie Peterson, Elaine Piter, Sandi Prentice, Vicki Robertson, Jack Robinson, Ron Smith, James Taylor, Mikhail Taylor, Nainie & Curtis Weaver, Patrick White, and the family & friends of Suzie Baldwin, Betty Jane Lee, Marie Shepard, John Snow & John Williams.









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