Sunday Worship Service 10:00 a.m.

 We welcome you to come celebrate with us.

If you enjoy a traditional service of prayer, responses, choir anthems, organ music and a friendly congregation of believers, give us a try this year.


Today’s altar flowers are dedicated to the glory of God

by Alice & Bud Deyoe, in honor of Alice's 85th birthday.




Let us lift the following people up to God in prayer:

David, Hunter, teachers & students, Todd Belcher, Gary, Grace & Sally Bergener, Corkie Corkran, Donna Dennis, Bud Deyoe, Dot Dinardo, Mary Louise Fisher, Charles Florio, Shiely Foltz, Bev Garris, John Hawken, Tara    Herdegen, Barry Isenburg, Kimber Jones, Ethan & Pamela Kasten, Ronnie La Vie, Skylar Marco, Evelyn Merkle, Ann Morgan, Marilyn & Rudy Neuendorf’s daughter, Mary Clarence Parsons, Debbie Peterson, Policemen/First Responders, Janet Pusin, Joyce Ryan, Lorin Shropshire, Jenn Smith, Kathryn & Fred (Jr.) Verny, Curtis Weaver, and the family & friends of Ionel Bias, Jonathan Carr and George Tucker.






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